Prog-Watch 247

by The Prog Squatch | Variety + Unified Past feature

This week’s show features music from Dave Kerzner, Steven Rothery, and Brand X! Plus, the Progradar Recommendation and Bite-Size Review from the new Mystery album, and a feature on the band Unified Past, complete with an interview with Stephen Speelman!

Music with some meat to it!

Prog-Watch is a weekly podcast and internet radio program dedicated to bringing the listener contemporary Progressive Rock music from around the world. Your big, hairy host, the “Prog-Squatch” wanders the woods of the world, beats the bushes, and digs in the dirt to bring the best Prog back for YOU! Sometimes solo and sometimes with a guest host, the Prog-Squatch will bring you new and interesting artists in each episode, and give you some background info and a taste of their music.

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