Prog-Watch 248

by The Prog Squatch | (Some) Best Of 2015 + Yuka & Chronoship feature

This week’s show features some of the best of 2015, including music from Steven Wilson, Built for the Future, Lonely Robot, and Steve Hackett! Plus the Progradar Recommendation and Bite-Size Review from Arcade Messiah, a classic from Jon & Vangelis, and a feature on a fantastic Prog band from Japan, Yuka & Chronoship! Yuka Funakoshi even answers some questions for us!

Music with some meat to it!

Prog-Watch is a weekly podcast and internet radio program dedicated to bringing the listener contemporary Progressive Rock music from around the world. Your big, hairy host, the “Prog-Squatch” wanders the woods of the world, beats the bushes, and digs in the dirt to bring the best Prog back for YOU! Sometimes solo and sometimes with a guest host, the Prog-Squatch will bring you new and interesting artists in each episode, and give you some background info and a taste of their music.

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