On this week’s program, my guest is Joe Cairney, singer for not just one, but TWO great Scottish bands, Comedy Of Errors and Grand Tour! Joe will be filling us in on some of the interesting history of these two bands, and as usual, along the way I will play a whole lot of great music!

Joe Cairney was a founding member of the Scottish Progressive Rock band Comedy Of Errors in the mid 1980s. By the end of that decade, they had disbanded, with the various members moving on to other pursuits. Surprisingly, after roughly 20 years apart, the band came back together in 2010 and began releasing a series of albums, Disobey (2011), Fanfare and Fantasy (2013), Spirit (2015), and House Of The Mind (2017). Along the way a side project was formed, which included Joe and other Comedy Of Errors members, and Hew Montgomery (of another well-known Scottish Prog act, Abel Ganz). The name of that project was Grand Tour, and to date,  they have released one album, Heavy On The Beach (2015). According to Joe, the intention is for both Comedy Of Errors and Grand Tour to continue to record and perform when possible. 














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