Prog-Watch 501

by The Prog Squatch | In Conversation With John Mitchell, Pt. 2

This week on Prog-Watch I’m finishing up my coverage of the ubiquitous John Mitchell! Hear the rest of our epic chat and lots of great music from his numerous bands and projects, including Lonely Robot, Arena, Frost*, It Bites and more! So ring in the New Year with one of the most prolific Progressive Rock artists of our time, the one and only John Mitchell!

P.S. If you missed the first part of my coverage of John, you can listen at the link below:

John Mitchell (born 21 June 1973) is an English musician, songwriter, and record producer. A multi-instrumentalist who predominantly sings and plays guitar, Mitchell has been involved in a number of bands and projects, including It Bites, Arena, The Urbane, Kino, Frost*, and the John Wetton band. In 2012, Mitchell toured with Martin Barre in his band “New Day”, singing lead vocals on many of the Jethro Tull songs. In recent years Mitchell has started his own Lonely Robot project, which has two albums to its credit.

Mitchell is also a record producer and sound engineer at Outhouse Studios, a recording studio in Reading, UK, where he has recorded and produced music for a number of rock bands. Recently he co-founded a record label, White Star Records, which to date has signed three up and coming acts, Kim Seviour, Kepler Ten, and Voices From The Fuselage.












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